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Vortrag: Sustainable Infrastructure Innovation

Hier noch die einführenden Worte des InnoZ zur Veranstaltung:

"How can we better understand emergent innovation in sustainable urban infrastructure?
Acknowledging the need for synergetic and long-term transformation of urban infrastructure to
maintain sustainable cities, how can industry, local and national government, users and policy
communities identify successful transformation paths related to transport, housing, energy, ICT and
the municipal commons?
Understanding the city as an emergent adaptive system, the Symposium will share research on
organizational and user behavior, urban and policy design, technology and industrial strategy,
governance and public management  in the context of sustainable infrastructure innovation, and
evaluate successful intervention pathways at the micro, meso and macro level.  
The Symposium brings together a select group of practitioners and researchers from several
disciplines from across Europe with the aim of catalyzing long-term research collaboration and
knowledge-transfer around sustainable urban infrastructure research and application.  Discussion
will focus on integrated policy objectives and successful case studies as well as promising multidisciplinary
research perspectives.
Short, but intense presentation will be combined with interactive discussion and exploration.  
The Symposium will take place in the dedicated Intelligent City Lab at the Innovation Centre for
Mobility and Societal Change (InnoZ) Berlin and will offer the opportunity to explore a number of
innovative urban mobility and smart energy application."



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